The Cassie Peterson record goes to master next week and in the mean time I have already completed another project on the talented Mickey Cash.  I will be posting more from both of these records as soon as I get the masters.

Garry Hannon – Rough Cuts

This is a record I did with Garry Hannon at the end of last year.  We did it all in my little studio with mostly one or 2 acoustic tracks and some harmony on each song.  Garry is “responsible” for the famed “Tequilla Makes her Clothes Fall Off” by Joe Nichols and “Back When I Knew It All” by Montgomery Gentry among others in the country world and beyond. Check it out Here.

Analog Heart

So this is a project that Eric Kinny and I have been working on in our off time for the past year or so.. Probably should have made a post when our site went up but better late then never i suppose.  Check it out here

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